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TV Doctor and best selling author Dr. Liza Leal explains how a new aloe-vera extract can make bouts of heartburn, acid-reflux, constipation, gas, bloating, diarrhea, and other stomach pains disappear!
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Actual AloeCure Customer

For the better part of my life I purposely avoided a lot of foods. Especially ones with even a tiny bit of seasoning. Because if I didn't, I'd experience a burning sensation through my esophagus- like somebody poured hot lead or battery acid down my throat. Add to that those disgusting "mini-throw ups" and I was in "indigestion hell".

"I was beside myself. What was I gonna do? Keep taking the pills, or suffer with problems that could ultimately be my demise."

Doctors put me on all sorts of antacid remedies. But nothing worked. Or if they did, it would only be for a brief period. And then boom! My nightmare would return.

Then one day at dinner, a friend of mine said, "Why don't you try an aloe drink?" I said, "Aloe drink? Jeez. That doesn't sound good at all!" The next day he brought me a case of something calledAloeCure®. I was skeptical, but I was desperate! So instead of being an ingrate I decided to try it.

I was shocked! AloeCure® tasted pretty good too. It has a pleasant grape flavor that I actually enjoy drinking. I decided to experiment. I stopped taking the PPIs altogether and replaced it with a daily diet ofAloeCure®.Then something remarkable happened - NOTHING! Not even the slightest hint of indigestion.

And here's the best part.The next day we had Italian food - my worst enemy. But for the first time in 40 years I didn't get indigestion without relying on prescription or OTC pills and tablets. Finally, I just didn't need them anymore!


- Ralph Burns


Chief Medical Officer from Meridian Medical

Dr. Liza Leal, M.D & Chief Medical Officer at Meridian Medical.

Dr. Liza leading pain management center in TX, and author of “Living with Chronic Pain” Dr. Liza Leal says she now recommends AloeCure® to her patients because it works.

According to Dr. Leal she always looks for a drug free approach for her patients and the all around results she found were amazing, “Aloe Vera’s non-toxic potency is so strong that it regenerates health skin cells from the inside out and within 60 days you can have a healthy digestion system and even noticeable better skin.” She reports that the success rate is off the charts for people using the product to meet their digestive needs.

Note: AloeCure® has been sold out in stores. As Of Monday Jul 25, 2016 It's Still Available Online

Staff reporter Jon Featherstone investigates a significant breakthrough in digestive health that is quickly gaining popularity in USA and around the world.

(For Immediate Release in Seattle, WA) The Aloe Vera plant is the latest buzz in ending digestive nightmares and supplementing your body with all the right nutrients. With Aloe Vera health benefits dating back to ancient Egypt it’s no wonder people who suffer from bouts of heartburn, acid-reflux, IBS, constipation, gas, bloating, and more are moving quickly to find the product being hailed as the next best thing for natural digestive support. Surprisingly, many people who struggle daily have yet to hear about this powerful option. Those that have heard of Aloe Vera rarely know you can ingest the same parts of the plant that heal sun burned skin, so it makes perfect sense that it can heal your acid burned stomach.

According to Dr. Liza Leal (Leading Chronic Pain Physician and TV Spokesperson) Aloe Vera works in more than one way, “First it goes to work by reducing your stomach acid levels so you don’t experience that burning and up all night sensation because of its soothing coating that is immediately applied to your GI tract. The second way is Aloe Vera actually helps heal the skin cells that have been burned by excess stomach acid, acid so strong that it can melt an aluminum spoon in just minutes. The combination of balancing stomach acidity and healing from the inside out is unique to Aloe Vera, no prescription or pill can replicate this effect. If that was not enough to impress you, Aloe Vera is also great for your liver and everyone should know a healthy liver is vital for weight loss.” 

At The Real Life Networks we move to debunk or prove the biggest trends in alternative health. We put the popular AloeCure® to the test. What we found was the company behind AloeCure® is a Seattle, WA based firm who own and operate the largest network of ECOCERT certified ORGANIC Aloe Vera farms in the world and that those farms are recognized in the Aloe Vera community as having the highest levels of the plants active ingredient known for healing called polysaccharides. But does that mean the product works?

Being one of many in my family who suffer from acid-reflux I decided to put it to the test.

I ordered a 60 day supply online directly from AloeCure® and received an additional 30 day supply for free. All the boxes were checked for online ordering; It was a secure site, there was a money back guarantee, and no options to enroll in other unrelated programs. (click here to get the same deal I did) Another reason I ordered AloeCure® is because it’s the only organic Aloe Vera extract that uses only the inner gel, an important part I did not find out about until later when my cousin tried a cheap knock off and became a prisoner to the bathroom because it was whole leaf juice. 

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Here is what AloeCure® claimed on their website…

Putting AloeCure® to the Test

AloeCure® arrived within 4 days of placing my order online.
I received three one month supplies in a convenient package as well as a free Aloe Vera gel tube and a book that highlights added health benefits of Aloe Vera. This was great since I wanted to track my progress over 60 days and could give a supply to my mom. Here are the results of my progress:

My 8 Week Test: AloeCure®

Directions: Take two ounces of AloeCure twice daily.

My Results

Week One

After reading the information I learned that I should take this as a supplement for my regular antacids but also learned those antacids like Prilosec®, Nexium®, and Prevacid® were all over the news because the US Food and Drug Administration showed how dangerous they are when taken for an extended period of time. I was then encouraged that after time AloeCure for many becomes the only supplement they need.

For the first week I took AloeCure with my antacids.

I had reason to be optimistic; I did use it on the occasional flare up and within minutes forgot it even happened.

No change in diet or lifestyle.

Week Four

After four weeks I found myself using AloeCure almost exclusively for digestive supplement. My days started fresh because I was sleeping through the night even though my dinners full of spices. Some early added health benefits included noticeably clearer skin and stronger nails.

Week Five

My mother asked for more of my product.

Week Eight

I’m not using any other kind of antacid. I stopped taking 7 different supplement pills because Aloe Vera has everything I need. I’ve lost some weight and my skin looks great. To be honest it worked so well on my digestion that I’m really taking it now for the other health benefits I’ve noticed, my body really feels great and my energy levels are up.

"I couldn't be any happier with the results.
My digestive issues were gone and my body felt totally healthy."

Conclusion: Like me, you might be a little doubtful about the effects of this “miracle” plant, but you need to try it for yourself; the results are real. After conducting our own personal study we are pleased to see that people really are finding success with it (myself included). And you have nothing to lose. Follow the links to order your AloeCure I have provided and know that you are getting a quality product that works; no strings attached!

- J. Featherstone

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Posted by Phil
All the problems with my stomach are gone, completely gone

Posted by Heidi
I get reflux and I get it pretty bad, to, uh, the point where I had to elevate my, uh, head of my bed, uh, 4 1/2 inches because I would wake up in the middle of the night in pain. I tired AloeCure and my husband had said to me you weren’t up last night...you’re right I, I wasn’t…and after that I was sleeping every night and he’s the one that really called it to my attention.  He says, “I think you’re feeling much better.”

Posted by Robert
I would take it in the morning then I would take it in the evening and I wouldn’t need anything else the rest of the day. In the beginning I’d have a little bit of a, of a heartburn problem during the day - a touch - it would, it would come up and go away and as I’m taking Aloe Cure over time that’s gone away. It was really helpful; I was, frankly, surprised how helpful it was. Aloe Cure is working for me; I don’t take any other products and I’m really glad of that because, uh, I feel better.

Posted by Heidi
I also started noticing a difference because I was sleeping through the nights and that was great. And I like AloeCure because it’s natural and I like the fact of doing something, putting something healthy into my body, um, that’s natural in order to help myself and there aren’t any side effects.

Posted by Janet  
It does work for me.  It’s made a huge difference.

Posted by Gil
I’d wake up in the middle of the night and hearts pounding, uh, very uncomfortable, I can’t sleep, uh, just felt terrible and, uh, you want immediate relief. I found AloeCure, that happen-that works immediately.  Uh, it, it’s soothing going down and it almost works immediately. 

Posted by Gloria
As I drank the AloeCure you can almost feel the soothing coating as it goes down and it relieves the acid feeling. Well the main thing that AloeCure has done is I don’t have to worry about going out late and eating late because I know that I can come home and not have to prop myself up on pillows and sleep. I can lie down and get a good night’s rest.

Posted by Lois
I don’t like to take any kind of medication unless I have to especially with side effects that they never say wh-what kind of side effects you’re gonna have. After I started taking the AloeCure, for a fe-2 or 3 days, I noticed right away that I was having not to take other methods such as some over the counter tablets

Posted by Michael
When I started taking AloeCure, um, within the first day or so I noti-I started noticing a big difference

Posted by Randy
I took the AloeCure and almost immediately from that moment I felt a very soothing, comforting relief

Posted by Florence
It has helped immensely the bloating in my stomach area.  It has helped my digestive system, my sleeping, and just overall my health. I can really see a big difference.

Posted by Cheryl
Ann I was quite surprised Aloe Cure had such an immediate, soothing, comforting effect.

Posted by Philip
I can say Aloe Cure is a miracle.  It’s a miracle.

Posted by Robert  
I was, frankly, surprised how helpful it was. Aloe Cure is working for me; I don’t take any other products and I’m really glad of that because, uh, I feel better.