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AloeCure delivers relief within minutes to most people who suffer from bouts of heartburn, acid reflux, constipation, bloating & diarrhea.

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Taking AloeCure is Safe, Easy and Effective.

Drink two oz twice per day, once in the morning and again at night for day and night relief. Within minutes AloeCure soothes the throat and stomach.

AloeCure balances stomach acid naturally with no known side effects. Helps to stop bouts of acid reflux & heartburn before they start.

You may experience a wide range of health benefits that can help you maintain a better quality of life. AloeCure Has No Known Side Effects.

Popular Antacids Are Dangerous, Addictive & Costly.

Read FDA WarningRead the US Food and Drug Administration warning about popular antacids including Prilosec®, Nexium®, Prevacid®, Dexilant®, Zegerid®, Protonix®, Aciphex®, Vimovo®, Prilosec OTC®, Zegerid OTC®, and Prevacid 24HR® .

  • No Water Added!
  • No Sugar Added!
  • Aloin Free!
  • No Calories!
Supplement Facts

Why AloeCure for Degiestive Comfort?

1. The extract of Aloe Vera, like that used in AloeCure®, has been extensively studied in for its effects on gastrointestinal function.  Aloe Vera extract has documented outcomes in many clinical studies of bouts of GI Ulcerations, acid reflux or heartburn, and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). In addition, specific studies have shown a direct relationship to supporting immune system, digestive health, sleep and long-term weight control.  With no known side effects, Aloe Vera offers a natural supplement-process, providing safe and effective results. 

2. AloeCure® is a premium Aloe Extract made from the inner gel of organic Aloe Vera certified by ECOCERT® and produced in organically certified facilities. The Aloe Vera is tested and shows to have higher levels of the plants wonder compounds compared to industry standards.

3. You may never need another product to support your digestive system.

Digestion Defender #1:

The first line of defense is calcium malate. This natural acid buffer in Aloe Vera instantly sends stomach acid levels plunging. And holds acid levels down so they don't return!

Digestion Defender #2:

Soothing relief with minutes. AloeCure is brimming with polysaccharides, this "wonder" compound that gently coats the throat, esophagus and stomach, carrying soothing relief to cells scorched by excess acid.


It is expected that users experience digestive improvement.

  • Fast Results: Relieves bouts of acid reflux, heartburn, indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, constipation and bloating.
  • All Natural: Made from 100% organic inner Aloe Vera gel.
  • Drug-Free: Stop reaching for dangerous, costly, and addictive antacids.
  • Doctor Recommended: Even people who have felt bad for years can feel better faster.
  • No Side Effects: Safe and easy to use with no known side effects.
  • Tastes Great: Available in Natural or Grape flavors.
  • Zero Calories: Also, low sodium, fat free and contains no artificial colors.
  • Promotes Wellbeing: Supports joint health, memory function, and healthy skin.

Each Month Thousands of New Customers Are Starting AloeCure For Relief

"I started noticing a difference because I was sleeping through the night and that was great. And I like AloeCure because it's natural and I like the fact of doing something, putting something healthy into my body that's natural in order to help myself and there aren't any side effects."

"All the issues I had with my stomach are gone. Completely gone!"


"AloeCure works, and that's why I recommend it to my patients."
Dr. Liza Leal

"After I started taking the AloeCure for 2 or 3 days I noticed right away that I was having not to take other methods such as over the counter tablets."

Organically Certified Farms

We use only Aloe Barbadensis Miller, known as the best Aloe Vera species for healing.

Farms have been in operation for over 12 years.

Our pure and healthy aloe leaves have passed all tests conducted by national departments and laboratories. The nutritional components in our aloe exceed all national and international standards.

Organic certification through ECOCERT® (France).

Consistent with the requirements of our organic certification, we do not use any pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers. We only use natural fertilizers and mulch.

We have over 3 million aloe plants and counting.

We select and harvest our leaves very carefully by hand to ensure their quality.

AloeCure Facilities

  • Health Food GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)
  • FDA Registered
  • HACCP Food Safety Management System
  • ISO 22000 Quality Management System Certification
  • Certification As An Organic Operation by ECOCERT® SA (France)

AGHG's production and quality exceed the existing benchmarks of international aloe processing.

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